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Outpatient Center of Adam Ciccio, LMHC, P.C.

Outpatient Treatment for Children & Adults

The Outpatient Center's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality young adult and adult mental health care to individuals or couples who want to change patterns, behaviors, and symptoms that consistently affect their lives or relationships.  We believe in the behavioral approach and in seeing concrete, tangibly-positive changes in each individual or couple that we treat.

Adam Ciccio, LMHC (Owner & CBT Counselor) and his team are experienced clinicians who has worked in a vast array of mental health settings including, crisis, outpatient, inpatient, substance recovery, and outreach settings and believe in providing comprehensive mental health care services to our individuals in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Psych-Education and "unlearning" old patterns is a large part of how Adam & his team are effective in their treatment process. Adam specializes in the treatment of OCD and Panic Disorders through CBT and has several Children's Books that focus on therapeutic themes for early intervention. Adam brings a lot of energy, positivity, and concrete evidence to his style of therapy.

Cecilia Ryll, PMHNP-BC (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner) - Cecilia is a board certified psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner with experience in evaluating and treating anxiety disorders, depression, various mood disorders (such as bipolar), PTSD, neurocognitive and psychotic disorders. Cecilia graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a post-master certificate in psychiatry and mental health. Prior to this Cecilia earned her Master of Science in Nursing with specialization in women’s health and then her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Frontier University, and she worked as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and a Primary Care provider for women for three years. Cecilia currently works at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in areas of emergency psychiatry and general outpatient psychiatry. Cecilia’s approach to a therapeutic and client-centered care is based on research evidence and up-to-date psychiatric guidelines paired with friendly, understanding and encouraging manner.

Jessica Lee, LMHC (Clinical Director, North Andover Office) - Jessica is an experienced CBT counselor who previously ran a women's treatment program in Boston (Women's Renewal- CSS). Jessica previously worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital and also as Clinical Supervisor at The Dimock Center. Adam and Jessica have been working together in different settings for the past 5 years and is a leader in the treatment of trauma, substance abuse, and Eating Disorders. Jessica is very clinically astute and digs deep to find solutions to complex issues. Jessica is the Clinical Director and Supervisor at the North Andover Outpatient Offices.

Rico Anzoategui, LMHC (Bilingual Outpatient Counselor) - Over 10 years of counseling and social work experience in community, outpatient, inpatient, and school settings. Outpatient therapist in the North Shore for over 5 years at Eliot CHS. 7 years of youth/adolescent experience as a middle school therapeutic and guidance counselor and soccer coach at Spark Academy in Lawrence, MA. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Rico brings an energetic, positive, and clinically-sound approach to the practice! 

Danielle DeRosa, LMHC (Outpatient Counselor) - Over 10 years of clinical experience with children. Danielle's experience with children and families is extensive, previously working for The Department of Children and Families as a Case Manager and at Germaine Lawrence as a counselor. Danielle has vast experience in the outpatient setting and practices practical, person-centered and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Danielle's personality is very positive and down-to-Earth. Danielle is a great empath and advocate for her clients. She offers a hybrid of in-person and telehealth sessions.

Sarahlee McCaffrey, LICSW (Outpatient Counselor) - Sarahlee has been in the field of Behavioral Health since 2002, working in all facets of the industry including in multiple therapeutic environments. Sarahlee's primary focus is working with children, families and adults experiencing symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety either due to new onset or difficulty managing a diagnosis as well as due to a life transition.
Sarahlee draws from a variety of modalities, including solution based therapy, developing SMART goals, talk therapy, behavioral therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can expect a consistent approach from a non-judgmental, empathetic listener when paired with Sarahlee.

Kayla Gomes, LMHC (Outpatient Counselor) - Kayla is an experienced, detail-oriented, uplifting counselor with former experience at Lahey Clinic working with individuals and couples on stabilizing their mental health to improve all different areas of functioning. She has experience working in schools and community outpatient programs with children, teens, and adults. Kayla’s approach can be described as positive, strength based, down to earth and direct. Kayla has over 4 years of treatment experience and is highly skilled in CBT. Kayla's expertise is working with individuals struggling with anxiety, specifically OCD.

Rachel Barnard, MS (Outpatient Counselor) - Rachel believes that individuals are truly resilient and have the potential to conquer mental health challenges. She received her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Merrimack College and has experience working as an in-home therapist (IHT), as well as an outpatient therapist for both children and adults. Rachel works to create a non-judgmental space and is passionate about helping each individual attain their goals. She uses a combination of different evidence-based therapeutic techniques and modalities that are tailored to fit each individual that she works with. These interventions might include some aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and more.

Sarah Picarillo, MS (Outpatient Counselor) - Sarah is a highly dedicated and motivated Master’s Level Counselor with over 3 years of experience. She is knowledgeable in psychoeducation and personalized goal-setting plans. Sarah is skilled working with children and adolescents with a strong proficiency in behavioral health, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Her experience has been focused working with individuals with emotional dysregulation, displaced aggression, and those diagnosed with developmental delays. She is an enthusiastic forward thinking individual with strong ethics and the desire to help individuals and groups. 

Lantz Kilburn, MS (Outpatient Counselor) – Lantz is a big believer in the power of building positive, supportive relationships through therapy.  Through work with different client populations and more specifically experience as, and work with, student-athletes, he has developed an orientation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) combined with mindfulness.  The latter underscores the importance of being present in our bodies, and forgiving of ourselves through the understanding that our body is most often working to protect us.  Lantz graduated from Merrimack College with his MS in Clinical Mental Health counseling, and before that from Hamilton College with a degree in Neuroscience and Theatre.  He was a varsity student-athlete at both institutions, and also a coach at the former. 

Allison Jenkins, MS (Outpatient Counselor) - Allison is a positive, strengths-based counselor who believes in helping individuals on their journey to getting to know themselves better through therapy. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Merrimack College. Allison has previous experience at Family Continuity working with children, teens, and adults on increasing positive communication, building self-esteem, and managing overall mental health symptoms. Allison has experience working in school settings as well as community outpatient programs. She utilizes several modalities of treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, person-centered therapy, and solution-focused therapy (along with other evidence-based practices). Allison’s approach can be described as encouraging, warm, and empathetic. Allison aims to provide space for individuals to feel safe, heard, and able to work on goals effectively. She offers both in-person and telehealth sessions depending on individual need.  



The Outpatient Center of Adam Ciccio, LMHC, P.C. in Marblehead specializes in treating: Anxiety Disorders (including Generalized Anxiety, OCD, and Panic Attacks), Couples Issues, Substance Dependence, ADHD, Dissociative Disorders, and Mood Disorders (such as Depression). We also work with teens who are struggling with social interactions, school life, and personal/home life.


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